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Artifacts found online

Sometimes I'm surprised by what a search of my name will find online.

Much of the marketing content I’ve written has long since been replaced, as is the nature of the search engine optimization. However, I found these online artifacts referencing my work:

  • Everyone Needs Rescuing at Times – Even Your Data
    • The article writer for an online Mac retailer excerpts a no longer circulating product review I wrote to support their choice of data recovery software. The article itself is well-written with the exception of my citation that seems injected without introduction. Still, I appreciate the mention.
  • Wikipedia: Novabackup
    • A wikipedia article citing a product review I wrote. However, in looking at the article’s History with my handy-dandy Wikipedia login, I can see that the original author in September 2014 is the current Ecommerce Marketing Manager of the NovaStor brand. The wiki has since been updated 14-times by 11-unrelated persons, three of which—including the author—appear to have had their accounts deleted by the domain for ToS violations.
  • CurrentWare Wins Top Internet Management Software for 2014
    • A company specializing in endpoint security I reviewed acknowledging the results on a blog with some very nice things to say.
  • iolo technologies Reviews
    • Another company I reviewed broadcasts the results on a blog, but has less to say about it.
  • R-STUDIO Review on TopTenReviews: Conflict or Confusion?
    • Still, another company responding to how I judged their software with what can be seen as a backhanded compliment. Initially, r-tools threatened litigation, which made the editors at TopTenREVIEWS nervous. But tones changed after the page was given to a writer with less technical acumen.
      Today, r-tools appears nowhere on the TTR website.

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