Your new Technical Writer

Technical writing has changed much since I first worked as a professional writer. Fresh from college, I remember explaining to my manager how to use hyperlinks in PDFs and proposing they replace Corell Draw with PhotoShop 5. My proposal was rejected because the manager didn’t want to learn new technology.

A person can’t even say that anymore.

Technology moves fast and a good technical writer stays on the bleeding edge. Today, I am familiar with most content management systems and markup languages, and have applied my technical writing skills in some of the most interesting ways as a content marketer.

Over the last 5-years I have been working in content marketing, SEO, and SEM. As the Digital Content Manager for my most recent employer, I provided editorial and publishing services using HTML and CSS. Later, as their Digital Marketing Manager, I built their site’s data layer from scratch using Google tag Manager and JavaScript, ultimately growing organic search traffic from 186K annual visitors in 2015 to and average 184K monthly visitors.

For another employer, I managed 19-pages reviewing 190 data recovery, backup, and networking products. This work I provided a minimum 6,150 words of ready for publish and optimized content each month. This was in a period of some of Google’s more severe algorithm changes, and yet these pages experienced 145.5% growth in sales while only losing a 34.9% audience share, meaning I was able to refine my audience for better converting traffic.

How my experience as a content marketer are relevant to technical writing is that my successes were derived from my experiences documenting complex subjects as a Technical Writer for companies like Tomax, TD Williamson, and Kaddas Enterprises.

This versatility and level of experience is exceptional in any field. What makes it better is that it’s mine to offer, regardless if it’s software, hardware, or mechanical. I have a high degree of technical acumen and the remarkable ability to write documents that get read.

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