What can I do for you?

I’ve written professionally both freelance and full-time for a variety of Utah companies, covering the Software Documentation Life Cycle, hardware assembly instructions, operating instructions for robotic inspection equipment, and more!

Of course, I discuss much of my work in the following paragraphs, but you can CLICK HERE if you want to skip to the bottom of the page for links to my writing samples.


Writing for a network SaaS is where I started. I helped manage a large volume user manual, software service requests, and other white papers. The topics I was assigned covered endpoint management, backup, and configuration. I also served as the Subject Matter Expert for the customer service team. Since then, I have researched and written business cases, manuals, catalogs, and other white papers for industrial equipment, medical devices, and style guides.


Much of my past work involves researched user experience to create a moment in time for the site visitor. This is often based on an interest, but sometimes an event to catch their attention and keep them on the page or clicking through to the first step in the purchase funnel.

I am Google Analytics certified and fairly accomplished at using Adobe Analytics, Creative Studio, Excel, and/or Tableau to unpack data sets and tell you what they mean in the plainest way possible and with amazing PowerPoint presentations, when necessary. Quite often, in my reporting, I’m able to identify and explain potential situations long before they affect your business. The links below illustrate my ability to help you capture and keep your audiences.

Mobile page feature usage and drop rates
Critical analysis of page design using Google Analytics and Tag Manager to identify screen taps and drop rates.
Checkout page funnel based on login type
Identifies 4 user types and their behavior in the checkout funnel.
Proposed US Latina market strategy
Proposal for targeting minority markets.


If it’s on the web, your website has to be optimized for search engines. But that cannot be the end of your efforts. Following new content, technical SEO signals search engines about updates, keywords and descriptions. Search Engine Optimization is about managing /root folders and .htaccess files, and sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, and updating disavow files to keep those unsavory sites from exploiting your name to improve their page rankings.

From cradle to grave, I can curate your content, provide updates as needed, and archive your information when you’re ready to move on to the next big thing. I can provide full-site content audits and tell you the exact moment your page visitors lost interest. I’m a fantastic storyteller and my skillset grows with each new project. However, most published samples of my writings that have my name in the byline are now only available through internetarchive.org. Fortunately, I’ve saved you the time by linking examples of my articles and product reviews.

However, SEO is a different beast if you are a service-oriented business. You can of course throw all the money you want into marketing and get web traffic to show for it, and still get very little reward. You may be a contractor in Salt Lake City, but without proper SEO you may end up getting more lead traffic from West Bengal, India than your local market in Utah. Optimizing content for your local market guarantees local lead generation.

Fresh and exciting graphics are needed for search and social media such as this seasonal color palette based on Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report: New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020/2021.
Brand authority is critical to site traffic. Gaining third-party validation is often the best way for you to get the traffic your online business needs to succeed.
Proposal for local SEO delivered to an individual painting franchise operating in a crowded market. The timing on this GIF is 15 seconds per slide.


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